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SSH Tunnel + SOCKS Proxy Browsing

May 23rd, 2009 4 comments

This article I create for my personal reference since I tend to forget things such as names, addresses, SSH Tunnel configurations, severe acts of nature and so on…

Concerning Tunnels:

A tunnel is usually an underground passage from one place to another. Why is there a reason to go through a tunnel instead above ground I can’t really answer in general, but I sure know why I have to use tunnels in my daily IT routines.
The tunneling allows me to deliver payload securely and also allows me to access resources that are otherwise restricted from my location.
The example below demonstrates the setup of an SSH Tunnel that is used for simple internet browsing.

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Arcconf Bash Reporting Script

February 24th, 2009 4 comments

Monitor your RAID Controller at all times!
There is no need to tell you that Monitoring your RAID is of great importance.

Another important thing that I would like to say is that RAID is Not a Backup solution.

So just don’t use it is one or the chances are you will recall these words with bitter regret when you least expect it.
The above sounds like a curse, doesn’t it 🙂
And “when you least expect it” could be an uncomfortable period time for you [no internet, vacation to a deserted destination with no network coverage what so ever, no laptop or mobile device that could allow you to react,… here you can let your imagination lose for a moment and you might get a grasp of all the bad moments to have a RAID problem, or any other problem with your service but this article focuses on the RAID…]

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Oracle 10g RAC on ESXi3 using SLES9 SP5 – Part 5

February 14th, 2009 Comments off

Configuring SSH access for the oracle user for Remote installation

Login as the oracle user and generate keys for ssh authentication without passwords.
I usually check the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file to make sure I have the proper configuration in place.
I usually disable the DNS check since it causes the ssh to timeout.

UseDNS no

Now I will generate the ssh keys with no password

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