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Oracle Client Trace Configuration

April 11th, 2017

The purpose of this configuration is to troubleshoot Oracle client issues that might be affecting the connectivity between an application and the Oracle database server.

You can insert the following lines inside the oracle client sqlnet.ora file after fixing the path to the directories

trace_level_client = 16
 trace_file_client = cli
 trace_directory_client = f:\oracle_client
 trace_unique_client = on
 trace_timestamp_client = on
 trace_filelen_client = 100
 trace_fileno_client = 2
 log_file_client = cli
 log_directory_client = f:\oracle_client\log
 tnsping.trace_directory = f:\oracle_client\log
 tnsping.trace_level = admin

Once done with your tests, make sure to remove the lines from the sqlnet.ora file as it will affect the performance of the application as well as consume disk space to store the trace files.

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