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VMware VI toolkit

February 18th, 2009

VMware VI toolkit (for Windows)

1. Overview and download

The VMware VI toolkit for windows allows you to script administer and manage you virtual infrastructure in command line from your Windows Operating system machine. VMware VI Toolkit requires Microsoft PowerShell to run. If you didn’t have a chance to download those two applications, here are the download links:

Download and install Microsoft PowerShell


To download the installer you will have to pass windows genuine validation.. again?
The name of the Microsoft Windows XP x86 executable is WindowsXP-KB926139-v2-x86-ENU.exe with MD5: 5dec374b7b81234e709a4a6ee4fd573d

My first impression from the shell is that Microsoft is going closer to it’s unix foundation than ever with this tool.
It has a comprehensive documentation and I will make sure to post examples and how-tos as well.

Download and install VMware VI Toolkit

VMware VI toolkit can be downloaded from the link below. You have to be registered with VMware to be able to download the installer.


The filename of the 1.5 version is VMware-Vim4PS-1.5.0-142961.exe with MD5: 873208ce0da40027f9d3b14c5332c820

Here are some additional links that are quire useful for those of you that will go with exploring the capabilities of this product.

VI Toolkit for Windows Community Extensions


VI Toolkit (for Windows) Community


2. VMware VI toolkit Commands

Once you have installed Microsoft Windows PowerShell and VMware VI toolkit (for Windows) you are now ready to give test a go.

Welcome to the VMware VI toolkit (for Windows)!

Log in to your VirtualCenter or ESX server: Connect-VIServer
To find out what commands are available, type: Get-VICommand
To show documentation for all available commands: Get-VIToolkitDocumentation
Once you’ve connected, display all virtual machines: Get-VM
If you need more help, visit the Toolkit community: Get-VIToolkitCommunity

Copyright (C) 2009 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved.

[VI Toolkit] C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VIToolkitForWindows> connect-viserver

Here is how it looks:


All the commands are explained in details in the accompanying chm documentation of VMware VI toolkit.
The commands are of type Cmdlet [pronounced Commandlet]

For those of you who want to delve into the vast field of opportunities with Microsoft PowerShell and VMware VI Toolkit I suggest you to take a moment and check PowerGUI out. You will certainly not regret it!

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